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My Due South videos are mostly now available on YouTube

23 of my 31 Due South fanvids are now up on YouTube.  The full set is still available on my website for downloading.

The Due South videos are at:

All 30 playlists of various fandoms are at:

My Due South website of all vids is at:

Hello fellow Due South fans! (I've been on a DS kick again for the past two months, good times :)

I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary.
If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking the survey, I would greatly appreciate if you would redistribute this survey to your social media circles, friendslists, fellow vidders, etc. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the study or the survey. Thank you!
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Title: Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling

Principal Investigator: Kimberly Lynn Workman

IRB Number: 16-1907 (This submission has been reviewed by the Office of Human Research Ethics and was determined to be exempt from further review according to the regulatory category 2.Survey, interview, public observation under 45 CFR 46.101(b).)

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this research study is to gather information about fanvidders' engagement in fandom as a result of their fanvids, the vidders' interactions with media owners, the extent to which vidders align their identities with the media they are vidding, and what reactionary steps vidders take when identification with media goes astray.

Overview: You will be asked your opinion about the target areas listed above, as well as completion of a section to self-identify and/or consent for follow-up questions.

Duration: This survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Statement of Confidentiality: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may cease completion at any time and your answers will not be saved until your final submission. You have the option to provide an email address for follow-up questions, but this section is not a requirement for completion of the survey. All data collected from this survey will be reviewed by the principal investigator only, accessible through a password-protected site where all survey data will be stored. The information will be summarized for use in infographics as part of a Masters thesis project, as well as later utilized for academic publication. No identifying information will be used without consent.

Qualifications: In order to participate in this study, you must be a fanvidder above the age of 18. Fanvidders are defined as those who have participated in the act of vidding, creating music videos that combines source content from popular media through video and audio materials and re-purposes it in a new way.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through her official UNC-Chapel Hill email address (kworkman@email.unc.edu) or her fandom email address (kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com).

Survey Link: https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_08stoviTmwzALM9
5th-Jun-2016 02:33 pm - dS F/K vid by kuwdora
Always On My Mind
kuwdora made this lovely dS F/K vid for me! See viewing and downloading directions at kuwdora's post on LJ.
Always On My Mind
vagabondage (AKA zeneyepirate) made this sweet-n-slashy Fraser/Kowalski vid for me after I said something like "when Paul Gross sings Voodoo what I hear is Fraser singing about RayK".

Vid at AO3 : http://archiveofourown.org/works/2136927
Hi all, I just made a Due South music video I've been thinking about for years, based on Juliet Is Bleeding and set to U2's 'Love Is Blindness'. Thought I'd post it here so other fans might see it - hope you enjoy!

11th-Oct-2012 03:47 am(no subject)
dS other fandoms jealous
Great comm! I came to this fandom only a year ago and am hoping to see some new activity here!
You lose yourself in your search to find
Title: Thoughts of Flight
Vidder: mirien3 
Song: "Thoughts of Flight" by Edmund
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Summary: "Can every time I breathe in, be every time you breathe out?"

Download link and embed video here at my journal.
Feedback is love !
9th-Mar-2011 04:46 pm - [VID] Due South: Let's Do It
figgy's beautiful icon
Fandom : Due South
Vidder: imaginarycircus
Vid Title : Let's Do It
Song : I've Gotta Feeling
Artist : Black Eyed Peas
Ratings and Warning : None
Spoilers : S1 and S2
Summary : I auctioned off this vid for help_nz and the winner chose Due South and the song and asked for as much of the dog as possible and I was happy to comply.

HERE on vimeo or here on youtube.

Feedback greatly appreciated! :D
nora gainsbrough #1



14th-Jan-2011 02:57 am - Join Today .... Last Vidder Standing!
nora gainsbrough #1
Do You Like To Make Fanvids?

Like to make fanvids? Great! There is a new challenge, called fanvideo_las, where you create a fanvid every three weeks based on a different prompt and where all fandoms are allowed! Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe the next week till you have one person standing who wins! What do you win? A snazzy graphic and a $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

..who will come out on top?

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