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Due South Music Videos

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The purpose of this community is to collect together all the Due South related music videos that have been made by the fan community in one easy to explore place. I aim to personally keep up to date with suitable tags so that the collection can easily be searched for whatever you're looking for.

Any Due South music video is welcome here, as are music videos with Due South connections, such as from shows featuring actors who are also in Due South. Official music videos are also welcome, such as any of Paul Gross's.

Please feel free to join and post any videos that you have made, or if you're not a vidder just join and enjoy the videos. Feel free to share ideas, make requests or discuss the technical aspects of vidding. Please be aware that slash vids are welcome (encouraged ;P ) here.

As people will want to be able to enjoy watching your videos for months down the line, if you don't already have a permanent host for your videos, I would like to suggest using You Tube or the video uploading feature at My Space to upload your video as well. Of course, feel free to upload to file sharing sites like Yousendit, or Megaupload, so that people can download the videos, but this way people can still see them after the link has expired.


Maintainer: lipstickcat


Thank you kindly ^_^